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Fly in style and comfort with our luxurious interior products to enhance cabin environment of your private aircraft.

Inside the most opulent private Jets imagine the quiet relaxation of a 3D sculpted panel, the surface covering that is both lightweight and sound absorbing with an organic feel designed to the exact specifications you desire. Avdel India brings you a collection of Luxury Aircraft Interior Solutions that speaks of elegance and class to adorn your aircraft’s inside spaces.

Avdel’s supply of Deconel® product offers futuristic cabin side wall surfaces for your aircraft by using 3-Dimensional features such as shading and carving which add the visual depth and are easy to install. Deconel® uses stitching, embroidery, beading, metal leaf, paint, metal, and stone inlays, LED accents and many more techniques to coordinate it with your carpet designs.

Avdel is also an authorized supplier of Kalogridis® carpets in India. Kalogridis International has in-house yarn dyeing process. They use an exclusive blend of 100% New Zealand virgin wool which provides softness and durability. This material cannot be matched by any other fabrics, silk is often used as a main content, which enhances the carpet by adding a dense and lustrous look. Unparelled in the realm of quality and artistry, these Kalogridis®carpets are meticulously hand-tuftted to create stunning rugs. Each strand of wool is hand-wowen through the back of a stretched canvas, covering it in an uniquely intricate pattern.

In addition, our plush leather seats are hand tailored while the soft sheepskin seat covers, snuggly fit into the cockpit seats. The seats assures resplendence and comfort even if exposed to extreme temperatures and are ideal for your long-hauled flights.

The sound proof ultra-thin Air-craftglass® lenses, mirrors and wood coverings are available in a spectrum of colours and veneers to add grandeur and sanctity to your private space.

Our carpets, leather seats and Deconel® surfaces grace the private aircrafts of many Airliners and Private Jets. Our products may be found in all types of aircraft such as Airbus, ACJC, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Falcon Jet, Embraer, Gulfstream Aerospace, Hawker Beechcraft & Jet Aviation to name a few.

Avdel is a very proud to be associated with Kalogridis, Deconel and Aircraft Glass and make these exclusive decor options available in India.

If you generally fly more and also make a lot of international trips your interiors of the aircraft is the place where you can unwind and also conduct any urgent meetings. Let Avdel India support you to up the style & look of your Aircraft interiors, there has never been a better time than doing it straight away right now.

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