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Avdel (India) Pvt Ltd (AIPL)- is one of the leading fastener manufacturing & supply companies in India. In addition to fasteners, we also supply various other materials (including engine parts, avionics, control cables, electrical parts, specialty raw materials, installation tools) to aeronautical/aerospace companies in India. Avdel has maintained exponential growth in the past couple of years by adapting to the changing needs of the customers at large and by enhancing their overall capabilities. Our team of highly motivated & experienced professionals has built -up an enviable position for the Company.

Our Commitment: We firmly believe in "Quality Improvement" & strive to achieve higher levels of efficiencies, in order to offer complete Customer Satisfaction /delight.

In keeping pace with the continuous growth, and technological advancement, we continuously seek qualified and deserving candidates for various positions in the company to develop, nurture & grow our business to strengthen our position in the Industry. Professionals wishing to join our team.
Avdel would like to develop and expand its business and technological competence. To keep pace with the continuous growth, we seek top-notch professionals with in-depth knowledge of the industry, to develop, nurture and retain its position in the industry. Professional wishing to join Avdel Team, may apply to hrd@avdel.com
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