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Adhesive Bonded Fastener

CB6007 CB6009 CB8009 CB6011 CB8011
CB6014 CB9197 CB2009 CB3009 CB2011
CB3011 CB4009 CB4011 CB1509 CB9023
CB9102 CB9186 CN609 CN611 CN614
CN109 CN111 CB6008 CB8008 CB6010
CB8010 CB2031 CB9121 CB9356 CN610
CB6209 CB6109 CB6307 CB6347 CB6309
CB6349 CB6311 CB6310 CB9382 CB9392
CB6012 CB6013 CB3005 CB5005 CB5006
CB9084 CB9112 CB9060 CB9101 CB9061
CB9312 CB5007 CB9122 CB9029 CB9077
CN305 CN505 CN555 CB5000 CB2000
CB3000 CB3200 CB9715 CB9522 CB3021
CB5003 CB3003 CB4000 CB4200 CB4017
CB4003 CB4101 CB9159 CB5001 CB2001
CB3001 CB3201 CB5004 CB3004 CB3033
CB4001 CB4201 CB4002 CB401B CB4004
CB4033 CS62 CS125 CS200 CN62
CN125 CN200 CB4022 CB4023 CB4014
CB4132 CB4233 CB4243 CB9421 CB9422
CB3019 CB9297 CB4019 CB4020 CB4021
CB4013 CB9302 CB9120 CB4560 CB9151
CB4062 CB4064 CB4564 CB9257 CB9205
CB9514 CB9532 CB9459 CB9513 CB4017
CB4018 CB5003 CB3003 CB4003 CB9170
CB9173 CB9206 CB9210 CB9174 CB9208
CB9322 JK5501 JK5701 JK5541 JK5721
JK5507 JK5547 JK5502 JK5702 JK5542
JK5722 JK5506 JK5706 JK5546 JK5726
CB5907 CB5947 CB5906 CB5946 CB5908
CB5948 CB6307 CB6309 CB6310 CB6311
CB6347 CB6349 CB9382 CB9392 CB1901
CB1906 CB9308 CB9366 CB1916 CB9080
CB9081 CB1509
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"On the occasion of achieving this significant milestone, I would like to thank you and your team for the unstinted support, cooperation and contribution right through the Kaveri engine programme, which has culminated into this success. I do believe that this is just the beginning of a new era wherein GTRE would be the prime design and development center of excellence for all the gas turbine requirements of the country - for aero, marine and industrial applications. At this juncture, while thanking you profusely, I seek your continued participation and support for all the present and the future projects of GTRE.

- Shri T. Mohana Rao, Director, GTRE."

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