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Blind Bolts
NAS1670-03L NAS1672-03L NAS1751-08L NAS1673-04L NAS1754-08L
NAS1670-04L NAS1672-04L NAS1671-03L NAS1673-08L NAS1669-03L
NAS1670-05L NAS1672-05L NAS1671-04L NAS1755-03L NAS1669-04L
NAS1670-06L NAS1672-06L NAS1671-05L NAS1755-04L NAS1669-05L
NAS1670-08L NAS1672-08L NAS1671-06L NAS1755-08L NAS1669-06L
NAS1750-03L NAS1752-03L NAS1671-08L NAS1674-03L NAS1669-08L
NAS1750-04L NAS1752-04L NAS1753-03L NAS1674-04L NAS1751-03L
NAS1750-05L NAS1752-05L NAS1753-04L NAS1674-08L NAS1751-04L
NAS1750-06L NAS1752-06L NAS1753-08L NAS1754-03L NAS1751-05L
NAS1750-08L NAS1752-08L NAS1673-03L NAS1754-04L NAS1751-06L
BG2031 BG2032 BG2034 BG2035 BG2041
BG2042 BG2044 BG2045 BG2062 BG2064
BG2065 BG2081 BG2082 BG2082-06-05 BG2083
BG2084 BG2084-06-06 BG2085 BG2086 BG2186
BGV2068 BGV3081 BGV3082 BGV3083 BGV3084
BGV3085 BGV3086 BGV3088 MBF2010 MBF2011
MBF2012 MBF2013 MBF2110 MBF2111 MBF2112
MBF2112A MBF2113 MBF2120 MBF2121 MBF2122
MBF2123 MBF2126 MBF2130 MBF2132 MBF2133
MBF2134 MBF3002 MBF3003 MBF3003E MBF3004
MBF3005 MBF3005E MBF3006 MBF3008 MBF3009
MBF3010 MBF3011 MBF3012 MBF3013 MBF7010
MBF7012 MBF7013 MRL3210 MRL3212 PLT1000
PLT1001 PLT1002 PLT1005 PLT1006 PLT1007
PLT1008 PLT1009 PLT1010 PLT1012 PLT1013
PLT1016 PLT1017 PLT1020 PLT1028 PLT1031
PLT1039 PLT1055 PLT1056 PLT1057 PLT1058
PLT1058GS PLT1058SA PLT1061 PLT1064 PLT1064GS
PLT1064SA PLT1065 PLT1068 PLT1069 PLT1070
PLT1077 PLT1077B PLT1080 PLT1081 PLT1082
PLT1083 PLT1086 PLT1087 PLT1088 PLT1089
PLT1091 PLT1092 PLT1093 PLT1094 PLT1098
PLT110 PLT1100 PLT1101 PLT1102 PLT1103
PLT1105 PLT1106 PLT1107 PLT110SA PLT111
PLT112 PLT114 PLT115 PLT120 PLT121
PLT124 PLT125 PLT130 PLT130 PLT131
PLT150 PLT151 PLT154 PLT170 PLT170SA
PLT171 PLT174 PLT175 PLT180 PLT210
PLT211 PLT214 PLT215 PLT220 PLT220AE
PLT221 PLT224 PLT225 PLT230 PLT231
PLT250 PLT251 PLT254 PLT270 PLT270SA
PLT271 PLT274 PLT275 PLT5110 PLT5110B
PLT5111 PLT5112 PLT5114 PLT5115 PLT5120
PLT5121 PLT5122 PLT5124 PLT5125 PLT5130
PLT5131 PLT5140 PLT5144 PLT5150 PLT5151
PLT5152 PLT5154 PLT5170 PLT5171 PLT5172
PLT5174 PLT5175 PLT5180 PLT5181 PLT5210
PLT5211 PLT5212 PLT5214 PLT5215 PLT5220
PLT5221 PLT5222 PLT5224 PLT5225 PLT5230
PLT5231 PLT5240 PLT5244 PLT5250 PLT5251
PLT5252 PLT5254 PLT5270 PLT5271 PLT5272
PLT5274 PLT5275 PLT5280 PLT5281 PLT5410
PLT5411 PLT5412 PLT5414 PLT5420 PLT5421
PLT5422 PLT5440 PLT5450 PLT5451 PLT5452
PLT5470 PLT5470A PLT5471 PLT5472 PLT5474
PLT5510 PLT6001 PLT6002 PLT6003 PLT6004
PLT6005 PLT6008 PLT6008A PLT6009 PLT6010
PLT6011 PLT6012 PLT6013 PLT6014 PLT6015
PLT6016 PLT6017 PLT6018 PLT6019 PLT6020
PLT6021 PLT6022 PLT6023 PLT6024 PLT6025
PLT6026 PLT6027 PLT7110 PLT7111 PLT7140
PLT7141 PLT7150 PLT7151 PLT7170 PLT7171
PLT7210 PLT7211 PLT7240 PLT7241 PLT7250
PLT7251 PLT7270 PLT7271 CR7310 CR7310F1
CR7310U CR7310UF PLT311 CR7311U CR7311UF
CR7340 CR7340U CR7341 CR7620 CR7620SFL
CR7620U CR7621 CR7621U CR7626 CR7650
CR7650U CR7651 CR7651U CR7670U CR7674U
CR7680S CR7683S CR7684S CR7686S CR7783S
CR7784S CR7770S CR7771S CR7773S CR7774S
ER13 ER12 ER755 UB100 OUB100
DIN EN 2887 DIN EN 3820 DIN EN 3052 DIN EN 3308 DIN EN 2549
DIN EN 2938 DIN EN 4127 DIN EN 4129 DIN EN 4131 DIN 65 515
DIN 65 517 DIN 65 537 DIN EN 2874 DIN EN 2928 DIN 65 4136
LN 29769
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arrows What our Customer's Say
"On the occasion of achieving this significant milestone, I would like to thank you and your team for the unstinted support, cooperation and contribution right through the Kaveri engine programme, which has culminated into this success. I do believe that this is just the beginning of a new era wherein GTRE would be the prime design and development center of excellence for all the gas turbine requirements of the country - for aero, marine and industrial applications. At this juncture, while thanking you profusely, I seek your continued participation and support for all the present and the future projects of GTRE.

- Shri T. Mohana Rao, Director, GTRE."

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