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  Solid Rivets

AN425 SP69-202 thru SP69-848 AS163-604 AS164-310 AS164-504 AS165-209 AS165-814
AN426 SP70-202 thru SP70-848 AS163-605 AS164-311 AS164-505 AS165-210 AS165-815
AN427 SP70-203 thru SP70-848 AS163-606 AS164-312 AS164-506 AS165-211 AS165-816
AN430 SP71-202 thru SP71-848 AS163-607 AS164-313 AS164-507 AS165-212 AS165-818
AN435 SP71U302 thru SP71U611 AS163-608 AS164-314 AS164-508 AS165-213 AS165-820
AN441 SP77-202 thru SP77-848 AS163-609 AS164-315 AS164-509 AS165-214 AS165-822
AN442 SP78-202 thru SP78-1012 AS163-610 AS164-316 AS164-510 AS165-215 AS165-824
AN455 SP79-202 thru SP79-848 AS163-611 AS164-318 AS164-511 AS165-216 AS165-828
AN456 SP80-202 thru SP80-848 AS163-612 AS164-320 AS164-512 AS165-303 AS165-832
AN470 SP81-202 thru SP81-848 AS163-613 AS164-322 AS164-513 AS165-304 AS16500
AN123 SP82-202 thru SP82-848 AS163-614 AS164-324 AS164-514 AS165-305 AS16502
AN124 SP83-202 thru SP83-848 AS163-615 AS164-403 AS164-515 AS165-306 AS16525
AN125 SP84-202 thru SP84-848 AS163-616 AS164-403.5 AS164-516 AS165-307 AS16526
BACR15 SP85-201.5 thru SP85-1009 AS163-618 AS164-404 AS164-518 AS165-308 AS16527
MS20426 SP87-202 thru SP87-848 AS163-620 AS164-405 AS164-520 AS165-309 AS16528
MS20427 SP88-202 thru SP88-848 AS163-622 AS164-406 AS164-522 AS165-310 AS16529
MS20470 AHO88720 AS163-624 AS164-407 AS164-524 AS165-311 AS16530
MS20613 AHO89570 AS163-707 AS164-408 AS164-605 AS165-312 AS16532
MS20615 AHO89992 AS163-708 AS164-409 AS164-606 AS165-313 AS16535
MS35743 AHO91233 thru AHO91235 AS163-709 AS164-410 AS164-607 AS165-314 AS16538
MS35744 AS155-202 thru AS155-832 AS163-710 AS164-411 AS164-608 AS165-315 AS16540
MS35745 AS156-202 thru AS156-832 AS163-711 AS164-412 AS164-609 AS165-316 AS16542
MS51829 AS157-202 thru AS157-832 AS163-712 AS164-413 AS164-610 AS165-318 AS16545
MS9318 AS158-202 thru AS158-832 AS163-713 AS164-414 AS164-611 AS165-320 AS16548
MS9319 AS159-202 thru AS159-832 AS163-714 AS164-415 AS164-612 AS165-322 AS16550
MS9403 AS160-202 thru AS160-832 AS163-715 AS164-416 AS164-613 AS165-324 AS16552
MS9460 AS16004 thru AS16298 AS163-716 AS164-418 AS164-614 AS165-403 AS16567
NAS177 AS161-202 thru AS161-832 AS163-718 AS164-420 AS164-615 AS165-404 AS16568
NAS178 AS162-202 thru AS162-832 AS163-720 AS164-422 AS164-616 AS165-405 AS16569
NAS508 AS163-202 AS163-722 AS164-424 AS164-618 AS165-406 AS16570
NAS525 AS163-203 AS163-724 AS164-504 AS164-620 AS165-407 AS16572
NAS529 AS163-204 AS163-728 AS164-505 AS164-622 AS165-408 AS16575
NAS1054 AS163-205 AS163-808 AS164-506 AS164-624 AS165-409 AS16578
NAS1055 AS163-206 AS163-809 AS164-507 AS164-707 AS165-410 AS16580
NAS1097 AS163-207 AS163-810 AS164-508 AS164-708 AS165-411 AS16582
NAS1198 AS163-208 AS163-811 AS164-509 AS164-709 AS165-412 AS16585
NAS1199 AS163-209 AS163-812 AS164-510 AS164-710 AS165-413 AS16588
NAS1200 AS163-210 AS163-813 AS164-511 AS164-711 AS165-414 AS16590
NAS1241 AS163-211 AS163-814 AS164-512 AS164-712 AS165-415 AS16592
NAS1242 AS163-212 AS163-815 AS164-513 AS164-713 AS165-416 AS16604
11/41823 - 24 AS163-213 AS163-816 AS164-514 AS164-714 AS165-418 AS16605
21215TB3207 - 3210 AS163-214 AS163-818 AS164-515 AS164-715 AS165-420 AS16606
21217DC2405J AS163-215 AS163-820 AS164-516 AS164-716 AS165-422 AS16607
21218TB24-08AS AS163-216 AS163-822 AS164-518 AS164-718 AS165-424 AS16608
SP142-24-04 thru SP142-24-35 AS163-302 AS163-824 AS164-520 AS164-720 AS165-428 AS16609
SP142-32-04 thru SP142-32-40 AS163-302.5 AS163-828 AS164-522 AS164-722 AS165-503 AS16610
SP142-40-04 thru SP142-40-40 AS163-303 AS163-832 AS164-524 AS164-724 AS165-504 AS16612
SP142-48-10 thru SP142-48-50 AS163-303.5 AS16300 AS164-605 AS164-808 AS165-505 AS16615
SP142-56-10 thru SP142-56-60 AS163-304 AS16302 AS164-606 AS164-809 AS165-506 AS16644
SP142-64-10 thru SP142-64-60 AS163-305 AS16325 AS164-607 AS164-810 AS165-507 AS16645
SP143-24-04 thru SP143-24-35 AS163-306 AS16326 AS164-608 AS164-811 AS165-508 AS16646
SP143-32-04 thru SP143-32-40 AS163-307 AS16327 AS164-609 AS164-812 AS165-509 AS16647
SP143-40-05 thru SP143-40-50 AS163-308 AS16328 AS164-610 AS164-813 AS165-510 AS16648
SP143-48-08 thru SP143-48-60 AS163-309 AS16329 AS164-611 AS164-814 AS165-511 AS16649
SP143-56-08 thru SP143-56-60 AS163-310 AS16330 AS164-612 AS164-815 AS165-512 AS16650
SP143-64-10 thru SP143-64-60 AS163-311 AS16332 AS164-613 AS164-816 AS165-513 AS16652
SP157-24-04 thru SP157-24-60 AS163-312 AS16335 AS164-614 AS164-818 AS165-514 AS16655
SP157-32-03 thru SP157-32-60 AS163-313 AS16338 AS164-615 AS164-820 AS165-515 AS16658
SP157-40-05 thru SP157-40-60 AS163-314 AS16340 AS164-616 AS164-822 AS165-516 AS16684
SP157-48-04 thru SP157-48-60 AS163-315 AS16342 AS164-618 AS164-824 AS165-518 AS16685
SP157-56-06 thru SP157-56-60 AS163-316 AS16345 AS164-620 AS164-826 AS165-520 AS16686
SP157-64-07 thru SP157-64-60 AS163-318 AS16348 AS164-622 AS164-828 AS165-522 AS16687
SP158-24-04 thru SP158-24-35 AS163-320 AS16350 AS164-624 AS164-832 AS165-524 AS16688
SP158-32-04 thru SP158-32-40 AS163-322 AS16352 AS164-707 AS16404 AS165-606 AS16689
SP158-40-04 thru SP158-40-50 AS163-324 AS16367 AS164-708 AS16405 AS165-607 AS16690
SP158-48-04 thru SP158-48-60 AS163-403 AS16368 AS164-709 AS16406 AS165-608 AS16692
SP158-56-10 thru SP158-56-60 AS163-404 AS16369 AS164-710 AS16407 AS165-609 AS16695
SP158-64-06 thru SP158-64-60 AS163-405 AS16370 AS164-711 AS16408 AS165-610 AS16698
SP159-24-04 thru SP159-24-35 AS163-406 AS16372 AS164-712 AS16409 AS165-611 AS16700
SP159-32-04 thru SP159-32-40 AS163-407 AS16375 AS164-713 AS16410 AS165-612 AS16702
SP159-40-05 thru SP159-40-50 AS163-408 AS16378 AS164-714 AS16412 AS165-613 AS16725
SP159-48-06 thru SP159-48-60 AS163-409 AS16380 AS164-715 AS16415 AS165-614 AS16726
SP159-56-09 thru SP159-56-60 AS163-410 AS16382 AS164-716 AS16444 AS165-615 AS16727
SP159-64-11 thru SP159-64-60 AS163-411 AS16385 AS164-718 AS16445 AS165-616 AS16728
SP160-24-04 thru SP160-24-60 AS163-412 AS16388 AS164-720 AS16446 AS165-618 AS16729
SP160-32-04 thru SP160-32-60 AS163-413 AS16390 AS164-722 AS16447 AS165-620 AS16730
SP160-40-06 thru SP160-40-60 AS163-414 AS16392 AS164-724 AS16448 AS165-622 AS16732
SP160-48-08 thru SP160-48-60 AS163-415 AS164-202 AS164-808 AS16449 AS165-624 AS16735
SP160-56-10 thru SP160-56-60 AS163-416 AS164-203 AS164-809 AS16450 AS165-707 AS16738
SP160-64-12 thru SP160-64-60 AS163-418 AS164-204 AS164-810 AS16452 AS165-708 AS16740
SP161-24-04 thru SP161-24-35 AS163-420 AS164-205 AS164-811 AS16455 AS165-709 AS16742
SP161-32-04 thru SP161-32-40 AS163-422 AS164-206 AS164-812 AS16458 AS165-710 AS16745
SP161-40-06 thru SP161-40-50 AS163-424 AS164-207 AS164-813 AS16484 AS165-711 AS16748
SP161-48-10 AS163-505 AS164-208 AS164-814 AS16485 AS165-712 AS16750
SP161-56-10 thru SP161-56-60 AS163-506 AS164-209 AS164-815 AS16486 AS165-713 AS16752
SP161-64-12 thru SP161-64-60 AS163-507 AS164-210 AS164-816 AS16487 AS165-714 AS16767
SP162-24-04 thru SP162-24-35 AS163-508 AS164-211 AS164-818 AS16488 AS165-715 AS16768
SP162-32-04 thru SP162-32-40 AS163-509 AS164-212 AS164-820 AS16489 AS165-716 AS16769
SP162-40-05 thru SP162-40-50 AS163-510 AS164-213 AS164-822 AS16490 AS165-718 AS16770
SP162-48-07 thru SP162-48-60 AS163-511 AS164-214 AS164-824 AS16492 AS165-720 AS16772
SP162-56-09 thru SP162-56-60 AS163-512 AS164-215 AS164-826 AS16495 AS165-722 AS16775
SP162-64-05 thru SP162-64-60 AS163-513 AS164-303 AS164-828 AS16498 AS165-724 AS16778
SP163-24-04 thru SP163-24-60 AS163-514 AS164-304 AS164-832 AS165-202 AS165-728 AS16780
SP163-32-04 thru SP163-32-60 AS163-515 AS164-304.5 AS16404 AS165-203 AS165-808 AS16782
SP163-40-06 thru SP163-40-60 AS163-516 AS164-305 AS16405 AS165-204 AS165-809 AS16785
SP163-48-06 thru SP163-48-60 AS163-518 AS164-306 AS16406 AS165-205 AS165-810 AS16788
SP163-56-10 thru SP163-56-60 AS163-520 AS164-307 AS16407 AS165-206 AS165-811 AS16790
SP163-64-12 thru SP163-64-60 AS163-522 AS164-308 AS16408 AS165-207 AS165-812 AS16792
SP68-202 thru SP68-848 AS163-524 AS164-309 AS16409 AS165-208 AS165-813 AS2227-202
AS2227-203 AS2227-714 AS2228-608 AS2229-503 AS2230-312 AS2230-824 AS2918-809
AS2227-204 AS2227-715 AS2228-609 AS2229-504 AS2230-313 AS2230-827 AS2918-810
AS2227-205 AS2227-716 AS2228-610 AS2229-505 AS2230-314 AS2230-828 AS2918-811
AS2227-206 AS2227-718 AS2228-611 AS2229-506 AS2230-315 AS2230-832 AS2918-812
AS2227-207 AS2227-720 AS2228-612 AS2229-507 AS2230-316 AS2230-840 AS2918-813
AS2227-208 AS2227-722 AS2228-613 AS2229-508 AS2230-318 AS2230-906 AS2918-814
AS2227-209 AS2227-724 AS2228-614 AS2229-509 AS2230-320 AS2918-303 AS2918-815
AS2227-210 AS2227-728 AS2228-615 AS2229-510 AS2230-322 AS2918-304 AS2918-816
AS2227-211 AS2227-732 AS2228-616 AS2229-511 AS2230-324 AS2918-305 AS2918-818
AS2227-212 AS2227-806 AS2228-618 AS2229-512 AS2230-402 AS2918-306 AS2919-303
AS2227-213 AS2227-807 AS2228-620 AS2229-513 AS2230-403 AS2918-307 AS2919-304
AS2227-214 AS2227-808 AS2228-622 AS2229-514 AS2230-403.5 AS2918-308 AS2919-305
AS2227-215 AS2227-809 AS2228-624 AS2229-515 AS2230-404 AS2918-309 AS2919-306
AS2227-216 AS2227-810 AS2228-705 AS2229-516 AS2230-405 AS2918-310 AS2919-307
AS2227-302 AS2227-811 AS2228-706 AS2229-518 AS2230-405.5 AS2918-311 AS2919-308
AS2227-303 AS2227-812 AS2228-707 AS2229-520 AS2230-406 AS2918-312 AS2919-309
AS2227-303.5 AS2227-813 AS2228-708 AS2229-522 AS2230-407 AS2918-313 AS2919-310
AS2227-304 AS2227-814 AS2228-709 AS2229-524 AS2230-408 AS2918-314 AS2919-311
AS2227-305 AS2227-815 AS2228-710 AS2229-526 AS2230-409 AS2918-315 AS2919-312
AS2227-306 AS2227-816 AS2228-711 AS2229-603 AS2230-410 AS2918-316 AS2919-313
AS2227-307 AS2227-818 AS2228-712 AS2229-604 AS2230-411 AS2918-318 AS2919-314
AS2227-308 AS2227-820 AS2228-713 AS2229-605 AS2230-412 AS2918-404 AS2919-315
AS2227-309 AS2227-822 AS2228-714 AS2229-606 AS2230-413 AS2918-405 AS2919-316
AS2227-310 AS2227-824 AS2228-715 AS2229-607 AS2230-414 AS2918-406 AS2919-318
AS2227-311 AS2227-828 AS2228-716 AS2229-608 AS2230-415 AS2918-407 AS2919-403
AS2227-312 AS2227-832 AS2228-718 AS2229-609 AS2230-416 AS2918-408 AS2919-404
AS2227-313 AS2228-202 AS2228-720 AS2229-610 AS2230-417 AS2918-409 AS2919-405
AS2227-314 AS2228-203 AS2228-722 AS2229-611 AS2230-418 AS2918-410 AS2919-406
AS2227-315 AS2228-204 AS2228-724 AS2229-612 AS2230-420 AS2918-411 AS2919-407
AS2227-316 AS2228-205 AS2228-728 AS2229-613 AS2230-422 AS2918-412 AS2919-408
AS2227-318 AS2228-206 AS2228-808 AS2229-614 AS2230-424 AS2918-413 AS2919-409
AS2227-320 AS2228-207 AS2228-809 AS2229-615 AS2230-426 AS2918-414 AS2919-410
AS2227-322 AS2228-208 AS2228-810 AS2229-616 AS2230-502 AS2918-415 AS2919-411
AS2227-324 AS2228-209 AS2228-811 AS2229-618 AS2230-503 AS2918-416 AS2919-412
AS2227-403 AS2228-210 AS2228-812 AS2229-620 AS2230-504 AS2918-418 AS2919-413
AS2227-404 AS2228-211 AS2228-813 AS2229-622 AS2230-505 AS2918-504 AS2919-414
AS2227-405 AS2228-212 AS2228-814 AS2229-624 AS2230-506 AS2918-505 AS2919-415
AS2227-406 AS2228-213 AS2228-815 AS2229-628 AS2230-507 AS2918-506 AS2919-416
AS2227-407 AS2228-214 AS2228-816 AS2229-707 AS2230-508 AS2918-507 AS2919-418
AS2227-408 AS2228-215 AS2228-818 AS2229-708 AS2230-509 AS2918-508 AS2919-504
AS2227-409 AS2228-216 AS2228-820 AS2229-709 AS2230-510 AS2918-509 AS2919-505
AS2227-410 AS2228-302 AS2228-822 AS2229-710 AS2230-511 AS2918-510 AS2919-506
AS2227-411 AS2228-303 AS2228-824 AS2229-711 AS2230-512 AS2918-511 AS2919-507
AS2227-412 AS2228-304 AS2228-828 AS2229-712 AS2230-513 AS2918-512 AS2919-508
AS2227-413 AS2228-305 AS2228-832 AS2229-713 AS2230-514 AS2918-513 AS2919-509
AS2227-414 AS2228-306 AS2229-202 AS2229-714 AS2230-515 AS2918-514 AS2919-510
AS2227-415 AS2228-307 AS2229-203 AS2229-715 AS2230-516 AS2918-515 AS2919-511
AS2227-416 AS2228-308 AS2229-204 AS2229-716 AS2230-518 AS2918-516 AS2919-512
AS2227-417 AS2228-309 AS2229-205 AS2229-718 AS2230-520 AS2918-518 AS2919-513
AS2227-418 AS2228-310 AS2229-206 AS2229-720 AS2230-522 AS2918-604 AS2919-514
AS2227-420 AS2228-311 AS2229-207 AS2229-722 AS2230-524 AS2918-605 AS2919-515
AS2227-422 AS2228-312 AS2229-208 AS2229-724 AS2230-603 AS2918-606 AS2919-516
AS2227-424 AS2228-313 AS2229-209 AS2229-728 AS2230-604 AS2918-607 AS2919-518
AS2227-503 AS2228-314 AS2229-210 AS2229-808 AS2230-605 AS2918-608 AS2919-604
AS2227-504 AS2228-315 AS2229-211 AS2229-809 AS2230-606 AS2918-609 AS2919-605
AS2227-505 AS2228-316 AS2229-212 AS2229-810 AS2230-607 AS2918-610 AS2919-606
AS2227-506 AS2228-318 AS2229-213 AS2229-811 AS2230-608 AS2918-611 AS2919-607
AS2227-507 AS2228-320 AS2229-214 AS2229-812 AS2230-609 AS2918-612 AS2919-608
AS2227-508 AS2228-322 AS2229-215 AS2229-813 AS2230-610 AS2918-613 AS2919-609
AS2227-509 AS2228-324 AS2229-216 AS2229-814 AS2230-611 AS2918-614 AS2919-610
AS2227-510 AS2228-402 AS2229-302 AS2229-815 AS2230-612 AS2918-615 AS2919-611
AS2227-511 AS2228-403 AS2229-303 AS2229-816 AS2230-613 AS2918-616 AS2919-612
AS2227-512 AS2228-404 AS2229-303.5 AS2229-818 AS2230-614 AS2918-618 AS2919-613
AS2227-513 AS2228-405 AS2229-304 AS2229-819 AS2230-615 AS2918-706 AS2919-614
AS2227-514 AS2228-406 AS2229-305 AS2229-820 AS2230-616 AS2918-707 AS2919-615
AS2227-515 AS2228-407 AS2229-306 AS2229-822 AS2230-618 AS2918-708 AS2919-616
AS2227-516 AS2228-408 AS2229-307 AS2229-824 AS2230-620 AS2918-709 AS2919-618
AS2227-518 AS2228-409 AS2229-308 AS2229-828 AS2230-622 AS2918-710 AS2919-706
AS2227-520 AS2228-410 AS2229-309 AS2229-832 AS2230-624 AS2918-711 AS2919-707
AS2227-522 AS2228-411 AS2229-310 AS2230-202 AS2230-706 AS2918-712 AS2919-708
AS2227-524 AS2228-412 AS2229-311 AS2230-202.5 AS2230-707 AS2918-713 AS2919-709
AS2227-527 AS2228-413 AS2229-312 AS2230-203 AS2230-708 AS2918-714 AS2919-710
AS2227-604 AS2228-414 AS2229-313 AS2230-204 AS2230-709 AS2918-606 AS2919-711
AS2227-605 AS2228-415 AS2229-314 AS2230-205 AS2230-710 AS2918-607 AS2919-712
AS2227-606 AS2228-416 AS2229-315 AS2230-206 AS2230-711 AS2918-608 AS2919-713
AS2227-607 AS2228-418 AS2229-316 AS2230-207 AS2230-712 AS2918-609 AS2919-714
AS2227-608 AS2228-420 AS2229-317 AS2230-208 AS2230-713 AS2918-610 AS2919-715
AS2227-609 AS2228-422 AS2229-318 AS2230-209 AS2230-714 AS2918-611 AS2919-716
AS2227-610 AS2228-424 AS2229-320 AS2230-210 AS2230-715 AS2918-612 AS2919-718
AS2227-611 AS2228-505 AS2229-322 AS2230-211 AS2230-716 AS2918-613 AS2919-806
AS2227-612 AS2228-506 AS2229-324 AS2230-212 AS2230-718 AS2918-614 AS2919-807
AS2227-613 AS2228-507 AS2229-403 AS2230-213 AS2230-720 AS2918-615 AS2919-808
AS2227-614 AS2228-508 AS2229-404 AS2230-214 AS2230-722 AS2918-616 AS2919-809
AS2227-615 AS2228-509 AS2229-405 AS2230-215 AS2230-724 AS2918-618 AS2919-810
AS2227-616 AS2228-510 AS2229-406 AS2230-216 AS2230-728 AS2918-706 AS2919-811
AS2227-618 AS2228-511 AS2229-407 AS2230-302 AS2230-805 AS2918-707 AS2919-812
AS2227-620 AS2228-512 AS2229-408 AS2230-302.5 AS2230-807 AS2918-708 AS2919-813
AS2227-622 AS2228-513 AS2229-409 AS2230-303 AS2230-808 AS2918-709 AS2919-814
AS2227-624 AS2228-514 AS2229-410 AS2230-303.5 AS2230-809 AS2918-710 AS2919-815
AS2227-628 AS2228-515 AS2229-411 AS2230-304 AS2230-810 AS2918-711 AS2919-816
AS2227-632 AS2228-516 AS2229-412 AS2230-304.5 AS2230-811 AS2918-712 AS2919-818
AS2227-706 AS2228-518 AS2229-413 AS2230-305 AS2230-812 AS2918-713 AS3362-303
AS2227-707 AS2228-520 AS2229-414 AS2230-305.5 AS2230-813 AS2918-714 AS3362-304
AS2227-708 AS2228-522 AS2229-415 AS2230-306 AS2230-814 AS2918-715 AS3362-305
AS2227-709 AS2228-524 AS2229-416 AS2230-307 AS2230-815 AS2918-716 AS3362-306
AS2227-710 AS2228-526 AS2229-418 AS2230-308 AS2230-816 AS2918-718 AS3362-307
AS2227-711 AS2228-604 AS2229-420 AS2230-309 AS2230-818 AS2918-806 AS3362-308
AS2227-712 AS2228-606 AS2229-422 AS2230-310 AS2230-820 AS2918-807 AS3362-309
AS2227-713 AS2228-607 AS2229-424 AS2230-311 AS2230-822 AS2918-808 AS3362-310
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"On the occasion of achieving this significant milestone, I would like to thank you and your team for the unstinted support, cooperation and contribution right through the Kaveri engine programme, which has culminated into this success. I do believe that this is just the beginning of a new era wherein GTRE would be the prime design and development center of excellence for all the gas turbine requirements of the country - for aero, marine and industrial applications. At this juncture, while thanking you profusely, I seek your continued participation and support for all the present and the future projects of GTRE.

- Shri T. Mohana Rao, Director, GTRE."

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